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Spring Sun Salutation Workshop | March 2017 | Pamela Neal & Claire Riley | Denbigh

Two of our teachers Pam and Claire, are coming together to bring you an exciting workshop based around the Sun Salutation. You might say that Surya Nameskara or Salute to the Sun is at the very heart of modern Yoga practice. In any Ashtanga or Flow based practice you will be rolling through it many times during a single class. So it’s easy to become complacent & rush through it as the bit between one pose and the next!

Surya Nameskara includes some pretty intense & demanding postures that require correct alignment and a degree of physical strength to get the most out of the practice & indeed keep you safe.

We’ll be looking at all aspects of this sequence – from warms ups  through to a detailed breakdown of each pose in the sequence, the transitions, alignment, breath, drishtis,  modifications/progressions  and anatomy.

You will gain a much deeper understanding of the mechanics of the sequence, the energy flow, and finally some ideas on how you can use the sequence to develop you own personal practice. And of course there will be tea, cake and chat to enjoy at the end of the session.

Where: Trefnant Village Hall, Denbigh
When: Saturday March 18th 2017 10.30am -12.30pm
Cost: £20









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