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Goddess Powerfood Salad

1455166_10152305339926436_6201080336838635357_nZestlifeThere are so many amazingly wonderful ingredients that I couldn’t pick one for the name of the salad, which is why I have chosen the name ‘The Goddess Powerfood Salad’, which sums up this salad just perfectly. On purchasing a spiralizer i have been inspired to create a number of wholesome salads that quite simply make you go ‘mmmmm’. One friend said ‘this is one fit salad’. It’s a winner. It’s very light yet filling and it puts a smile on peoples faces when you tell them they are eating raw courgette not spaghetti. Fuel your body with goodness, feel light, fit and free with our favourite salad.



Serves 4

200g quinoa

2 courgettes spiralized ( if you don’t have a spiralizer yet, get one! But on failing that you can grate the courgette)

1 tin cannelini beans – could use chick peas or butter beans

2 handfuls of rocket roughly teared

2 large handfuls of spinach roughly teared

handful of basil & flat leaf parsley finely chopped

1 perfectly ripe avacado

1/2 tbsp sesame seeds

S and P


2 Tbsp Tahini

4 Tbsp Olive Oil

Juice of 1 lemon

2 x Preserved lemon slices ( if you don’t have these don’t worry)


1/2 packet feta

Tbsp pumpkin seeds

Tbsp raisins



1. Cook quinoa, following packet instructions. Drain and set to one side.

2. Cut the courgettes in half and spiralize into a large bowl. If you leave them whole you will end up with metre lengths of vegetable!

3. To the courgettes add your rocket, spinach and herbs. Then add the rinsed and drained cannelini beans, avacado, sesame seeds and quinoa.

4. In a separate bowl (or i use sometimes use a jam jar) make the dressing. Finely chop the preserved lemons and add the tahini, olive oil and lemon juice, stir or shake well. Then pour over the salad. and get your hands in there and lightly stir up the salad, being carfeul not to squish it.

5. Serve out and then sprinkle a crumbling of feta, a few of the pumpkin seeds and raisins, finish by seasoning with a little freshly ground salt and black pepper. Sit back and enjoy your ‘fit’ salad.



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