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Hawthorn Ketchup

Haws can be quite fiddly and time consuming to prepare which is why it makes perfect sense to use them in a recipe such as this where they can all be thrown into a pan with as little effort as possible. The outcome is a delicious ketchup that will wow your friends and family with. It will keep in an unopened jar for months. Then bring it out at Summer BBQ’s or as the perfect accompaniment to scrambled eggs on toast.


Makes Approx 6 x 500ml Jars

1kg Haw berries from frozen
6ooml Water
600ml Malt vinegar
Salt and pepper
4 Cloves
2 Star Anise



1. Prepare the haws by tipping out onto a large tray. This allows any unexpected creatures to make a quick get away. Systematically work your way through the haws removing any stalks and leaves. You don’t have to be too particular as the final product will be sieved removing any unwanted debris.

2. Boil the prepared haws, water and vinegar for 30 minutes in large earthenware pan if possible. (Le Cruset casserole dishes work well). A metal one reduces the vitamin C content and this is after all what you’re after.

3. Remove from the heat and push the contents through a large sieve. Discard the haws as there is not much else you can do with them.
Hedgerow harvest
4. Transfer the ketchup back to the pan adding a pinch of salt and pepper, the cloves and star anise and boil for a further 10 minutes.

5. Once boiled remove the pan from the heat. Removing the cloves and star anise before carefully decanting into dry sterilised jars or bottles.

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