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The Chakra Yoga Experience | January – May 2018 | Pamela Neal & Claire Riley | Denbigh

Chakra Yoga with Pam and Claire In 2018 Pam and Claire are teaming up together to bring you an exciting series of workshops. The Chakra Yoga Experience – is an inspirational series of 4 workshops over a period of 6 months to energise you and deepen your yoga experience. Your yoga posture work will focus on the fundamental energy centres – the CHAKRAS – and mindfulness meditation, pranayama/breath work, and mantra will also be incorporated into each workshop. Each individual workshops can be enjoyed as a one off or you can benefit from taking part in the series as a whole. The workshops are suitable for all levels of ability and everyone is welcome, whether you know your chakras from chocolate! So come and book onto this inspiring series of events and make 2018 your best year yet.

In your first workshop – MULADHARA CHAKRA – you will focus on grounding and stability; the root of our being; the seat of energy; and our sense of balance.

What: Muladhara Chakra Workshop
Where: Trefnant Village Hall, Denbigh
When: Saturday January 20th 2018 10.30am -1pm
Cost: £25

What: The Chakra Yoga Experience – Full Series
Where: Trefnant Village Hall, Denbigh
When: Saturday January 20th, March 3rd, April 14th, June 2nd, July 14th 2018 10.30am -1pm
Cost: £115

Future workshop dates to add to your diary:
3rd March – Swadisthana Chakra Workshop
14th April – Manipura Chakra Workshop
2nd June – Anahata Chakra Workshop
14th July – Ajna/Sahasrara/Vishudi Chakra Workshop

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