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Laura Bell

Founder of The Zest Life. She landed into yoga quite literally after being thrown out of a boat in Australia 11 years ago and landing with a broken back. After 3 months of rehabilitation she was able to walk again but was told her passion of running was no longer an option and that yoga would be the best form of exercise to aid her recovery. This news did not go down all that well to an outgoing, adventurous 18 year old, but yoga has since changed her life in a direction that she did not even know existed.

She came at yoga from a physical point of view due to her injuries, and led very dynamic Ashtanga based classes in and around North Wales. Traveling once again to Mysore, India to study with Sharath Rangaswary to further her skills in Ashtanga yoga. She has since carried out a number of training courses over the years and continues to further her yoga training with various teachers from around the world, studying with David Williams, Danny Paradise, Mathew Sweeny, Gurmkh Gurmkh, Eionn Finn, Uma Dinsmore Tuli, Ruth Gilmore and gaining qualifications in Blissology yoga, children’s yoga, pregnancy and post natal yoga and swedish full body massage.

She has a personal and friendly yet professional attitude towards her teaching, offering a style of yoga that is dynamic and challenging with sequences set to rejuvenate the body from the inside out. She continues to practise yoga at a physical level but through continued Vipassana meditation she has developed a more spiritual path to her practise, which she incorporates into her teachings both on and off the mat.

PamPamela Neal

I have been practicing, studying and teaching yoga for over 30 years. It is a powerful and integral part of my life – “like brushing my teeth” ! I am a qualified yoga teacher, having certificates from the ‘Yoga for Health Foundation’, and ‘The British Wheel of Yoga’ – just to reassure you that you can feel safe in your practice with me!

My aim in teaching is to encourage body, breath and mind to be restored, and for people to have the confidence and control to bring balance and flexibility to their lives as well as to their physical and mental health. I encourage laughter and fun in my classes, not competition or aiming for perfection. And for people to establish a healthier relationship with their body, improving the capacity of the breath, strengthening muscles, working on postural alignment and balancing energy to be able to deal with life’s ‘stuff’ .

ClaireClaire Riley

It was as a student in London that I went to my first yoga class. I’ve studied over the years with many great teachers and have wanted to teach since my early twenties. With this in mind I amassed stacks of notes from just about every lesson I’ve ever attended. These have then been assimilated deeply in my own practice, knowledge & understanding. Over the years Yoga has been absolutely essential in helping me deal with high stress levels during an insanely hectic lifestyle as well as helping me manage many sporting injuries from years of cycling, swimming, cross country & fell running.

My style of Yoga is an intuitive, creative fusion of  old school Hatha with its emphasis on alignment, energy flow and the breath (prana) along with all the interesting little techniques and nuances I have learned over the years,  and more modern flowing, intensive practices such as Vinyasa Flow/Ashtanga etc, which really inspire me.  I am really enjoying being able to help others towards discoveries within themselves through yoga.