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We have a team of like minded professionals, all experts in their field, working together in harmony to bring you your ultimate weekend retreat. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond clients expectation. So read on to get to know a little bit more about the wonderful people who are going to give you an experience that you will want to come back to year after year.

Laura Bell | Yoga Teacher and Founder of The Zest Life

She landed into yoga quite literally after being thrown out of a boat in Australia 11 years ago and landing with a broken back. After 3 months of rehabilitation she was told her passion of running was no longer an option but yoga would aid her recovery and keep her back pain free. After training with David Sweson in Ashtanga yoga a new yogic way of life flourished.

She has since carried out a number of training courses over the years and continues to further her yoga training, gaining qualifications in Blissology yoga, children’s yoga, pregnancy and post natal yoga and swedish full body massage. She has a personal and friendly attitude towards her teaching, offering a style of yoga that is dynamic with sequences set to rejuvenate & challenge the body. Through Vipassana meditation she has developed a more spiritual path to her practise, which she incorporates into her teachings both on and off the mat.

She has been facilitating retreats for over a decade now and loves nothing more than to host a group of liked minded individuals at our retreat space on Anglesey, sharing her love of yoga and Wales. Since starting her family her hosting role has been put on hold. Laura now manages everything behind the scenes, keeping the cogs turning of The Zest Life machine, so that the team can create blissful weekends for our guests.

Yoga Teacher | Natalie Gray

Natalie has been practicing yoga for over 15 years and teaching for the last 4 years. She studied at Sampoorna Yoga in India which took her practice far beyond the mat and opened her mind to the ancient Indian philosophies and teachings. Her passion and experience lies in Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, and Yin Yoga.

With a background in anatomy she takes a functional approach to teaching, and a focus on how each Asana feels rather than looks, making this style of Yoga accessible to all and more importantly, encouraging creativity and fun and time to take a moment to pause and find our centre.

Katy Stylli | Yoga Teacher

Being an ex-gymnast movement has always played an important role in Katy’s life. After beginning her own yoga journey over 20 years ago and being inspired by the immense physical and mental well-being it created within her, on and off the mat, she decided to follow her passion and qualify as a yoga teacher in 2019. This has enabled her to share her love of yoga with others.

She focuses on balancing strength with flexibility, reinforcing the body and mind, and releasing tension to encourage longevity and mobility. Her sequences are inspired by Vinyasa flow, created to be physically challenging while tailored to ones ability. These sequences provide an active, full body experience that strengthen through stretching, breathing, lengthening and opening.

Ella Williams | Yoga Teacher

Ella is an avid believer in the power of connection for improving both mental and physical health and uses Yoga to complement more intense physical activities. She took her teacher training in the wildlife-rich jungle of Costa Rica, and a degree in psychology with her background as an outdoor instructor enables her to skilfully find ways to adapt sessions to meet the varying needs of a group, encouraging profound changes in perspective for living life with meaning.

Using philosophy, breathwork, meditation and relaxation to complement an alignment-focused physical practice, you can expect Hatha, Vinyasa and restorative Yoga classes that specialise in unifying a connection between body and mind, as well as a sense of belonging to something far greater than ourselves.

Amy Bell | Yoga Teacher

Before becoming a yoga teacher, Amy trained and worked as an actress, practising yoga whenever she could. After 10 years of dedicated practice Amy made the transition to becoming a full-time yoga teacher. Now Amy shares her love and passion for yoga, inspiring others on their own yoga journey and improving their health and wellbeing in the process.

Amy specialises in Vinyasa Flow, guiding you down a creative, physical journey, with a contemporary music playlist to support the energy & rhythm of the movements. Classes are intelligently sequenced so that the students are safely warmed up and prepared for the various, chosen “peak” postures. Amy weaves insights/themes through the class to take your practise to another level.

Leo Oppenheim | Yoga Teacher

Leo is a multi-discipline yoga instructor specialising in balance and core stability, breathwork and coldwater therapy as well as slack-lining and balance boarding. He incorporates a variety of techniques to harness the full power of your breathing and increase strength, conditioning, and focus. His yoga practise is diverse but yang and restorative are key to Leos teaching.

With a wealth of experience in the health and fitness industry, he is head trainer at BLOK studio Manchester and is a strong advocate for mental health and well-being. Retreat guests can expect to learn new skills and deepen their well versed practices as well as set mindful and powerful intentions for themselves for the retreat and moving into their daily lives.

Catherine Humphrys | Retreat Chef

Coming with more than 35 years of vegetarian cooking experience, Catherine joined the Zest Life team in Spring 2019. In recent years she has focused purely on vegan cuisine from around the world creating tasty, vibrant, seasonal food. Her retreat menus are designed so that guests have the right nutrition and energy to enjoy our range of activities throughout our retreat year, catering for a wide range of dietary requirements.

When she’s not working in the Zest Life kitchen, she runs Wildings Vegan Kitchen catering for private events, supper clubs and local cafes. Catherine will always go that extra mile to make sure there is a beautiful selection of food on your table.

Gilly McArthur | Swimming Leader

Gilly is a STA Level 2 Open Water Swim Coach and her passions lie in the outdoors and encouraging others to find their place in it. Having worked professionally in the outdoor industry for over 20 years, the outdoors is as much her profession as it is her pastime.

She is the co-founder of Blue Mind Swim, a free introduction to open water group based in the Lake District and is part of team Wonderful Wild Women. She is a director of the Women’s Trad Festival – an inclusive to all genders, sustainable and accessible rock climbing festival. Gilly has written for and featured in many publications and media outlets, both in the UK and further afield, on the joys of cold water swimming and climbing. As a skin swimmer she has competed in winter swimming events across Europe.

Jonathan Cowie | Swimming Leader

Jonathan has a particular love of very cold water and swims all year-round in just trunks, hat and goggles. As Editor of Outdoor Swimmer magazine for seven years, he oversaw the growth in outdoor swimming while promoting its benefits to a diverse audience. He is an STA Level 2 Open Water Swimming coach who loves introducing swimmers to the joys of outdoor swimming.

From marathon swimming to cold water dipping via swimrun and adventure swimming, Jonathan has a passion for swimming outdoors and promoting the benefits it brings. He has competed in winter swimming competitions around the world and co-founded The Swimmer, a half-marathon with four cold water swims through London. He co-founded Blue Mind Men, a men’s cold water swim club to improve mental and physical health.

Dave Brown | Swimming Leader

Originally from South Wales Dave’s passion for swimming is anchored in his days as a pool & beach lifeguard. He was the first person to swim to the Skerries Isles, off the North West Coast of Anglesey, crossing one of the fastest flowing channels of water in the area, has swum numerous lakes in Snowdonia and swam or coasteered most places around the Anglesey coastline.

He has worked in the adventure sector for 30 years, is a triathlete, a surfing coach, swimming teacher and has coached the Welsh and the GB Development triathlon Squads. He provides swim event safety management for a number of organisations and through his company AcwaTerra, offers specialised adventure training consultancy.

Sian Sykes | SUP Leader

Sian Sykes was born and grew up in North Wales. After 15 years working in London in creative media, she changed her focus in life and moved back home. She now runs Psyched Paddleboarding, teaching SUP and leading guided tours in beautiful locations. Sian has a wealth of experience & qualifications, and has been fortunate to lead expeditions to Nepal, Mongolia, India, China, Peru, Morocco, Iceland and the Alps.

The 1st person to circumnavigate Anglesey on a SUP and the 1st person to SUP the 3 lakes challenge in the UK, Sian enjoys nothing more than to explore the natural landscape on her SUP. Her passion for the outdoors is infectious. You will be truly inspired!

Rebecca Sutton | Therapist

Rebecca worked in the far east as a teacher for 15 years. There she experienced the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine for general wellbeing and in the treatment of a range of sporting injuries. Upon returning to the UK she retrained, first becoming a Master Practitioner in Tui Na Massage, and then gaining a Diploma in Acupuncture.

Tui Na is a form of rhythmic massage which creates an harmonious flow throughout the body and removes blockages. Tui Na is used in most hospitals throughout China and is often the first and only choice of healthcare. Unlike other forms of massage Tui Na requires that you remain clothed. Tui Na relieves pain from joints and muscles, restores the balance of Qi throughout the body and alleviates stress related conditions.