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Can anyone practice yoga?

Yes. Yoga is suitable for all ages and abilities, young/old, fit/unfit, men/women, any ethnic origin, any religious background. Yoga has no boundaries or exclusions but our yoga classes do involve physical activity that might not work for some people. Many ailments can be improved by yoga practice but specific medical conditions may require a more therapeutic approach, which cannot be accommodated in a general yoga class. If you have an old or a new  injury or medical condition please inform your teacher so that we can give you modifications to guide you safely into the postures.

What should I wear to class?

Wear light, loose fitting, comfy clothing. Gym gear is great. Having layers to put on when we have relaxation at the end is always a god idea.

What should I bring to class?

A blanket to wrap up in on winter evenings is always nice.

Maybe some water.

Do I need a mat?

We provide some mats for you to use so you don’t need to worry about buying one initially. But we would recommend purchasing your own if you are to continue with the practice.

How much is a class?

First class is Free. Drop in £7, Concessions £6.50.

Is there parking available?

Yes. All locations have free off street parking facilities.

pre & post natal yoga

How many weeks pregnant do I need to be before I join the class?

We recommend that you reach the 12 week mark before joining us. Always consult your midwife or Gp first before starting.

Do I need to bring anything?

No we provide all the mats, blocks and props required.

How long after having my baby should I leave it before coming to post natal yoga?

We recommend you leave it about 4-6 weeks before starting physical exercise again. Obviously it is entirely up to you. Some people bounce back and are desperate to get moving, for others it takes a little longer.

How much are the classes?

The class is £7 drop in.

Can dads come too?

Yes of course, bring your partners along too.


Before attending a retreat do I need to have had experience of yoga ?

At The Zest Life our retreats are suitable for all levels and abilities. You are welcome to do as much or as little as you like. We advise you to have taken a few classes before attending a retreat but it is not compulsory. A moderate level of fitness though is required for some of the weekends, eg Yoga Rocks.

What do I need to bring?

1. Summer – Suitable walking boots, comfortable clothing to walk in, warm waterproof jacket, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses. Small day rucksack.

Winter – As above but Waterproof trousers, gloves and wooly hat

2. Small day rucksack.

3. Layers of clothing for your yoga and meditation practise. Slippers or warm socks for the house.

4. Yoga mat and blanket. If you don’t have a mat please inform us and we can arrange one for you.

5. Plenty of lovely reading material.

6. Drinking water bottle.

Can I use my mobile phone?

Yes. But do we encourage phones to be switched off. We request that guests keep phones on silent and limit use where possible. Keeping communal areas a phone free zone.

Is there parking?

Yes. Free off street parking available.

Is the food on the retreats vegetarian?

Yes. All of our retreats have vegetarian menus with dishes based around the seasons. Food is local and organic where possible.

Can I bring alcohol?

No. Retreats are alcohol free and we respectfully ask that you do not bring alcohol to any of the retreats.

Can I smoke?

No. Although our retreats are very relaxed they are non smoking events. We welcome everyone at our retreats but please note that if you are a smoker you will need to go off site to smoke.

Can you cater for specific dietary requirements?

Yes. The weekend is all vegetarian and we can cater for people with allergies and intolerances.

What time will the retreat finish?

Two day retreats finish around 3pm on the Sunday and three day retreats finish at 11am Monday

Where is the nearest station?


Can we car share?

Yes, of course. Send us your details and we can pass them on to other members of the group and see who is interested.

Can’t find what you are looking? Please email us with your queries, we’ll be happy to help.

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