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The Zest Life feature on Outdoor Swimmer magazine

We’re proud to have been featured in Outdoor Swimmer magazine. The article gives an overview of what to expect at The Zest Life Yoga and Wild Swimming retreats with their perfect combination of yoga and swimming in the outdoors. Our retreats are held in stunning locations, choose the lakes and sea around Anglesey and Snowdonia in north Wales or the epic lakes of the Lake District. (more…)


The Famous Footballers Who Swear By Yoga

There’s no doubting the summer holidays can be a stressful time of year. That dream beach or peaceful mountain retreat sounds great on paper but the hassle of getting there can try the patience of even the most patient. The traffic jams to the airport, the queues to check-in, having to go through onerous security – and you have to do it all again at the other end. So much standing around waiting for the next stage of the process means your body goes into hibernation almost leaving you feeling slow and lethargic. Being able to disconnect from your surroundings, even for a few moments, can do wonders for stress levels as a BBC TV show called Trust Me, I’m a Doctor found out and perhaps the whole travel scenario is just one reason why more and more people are seeing the benefits of yoga. (more…)


Embracing the simplicity of being human

So, this month sees the celebration of Simplicity Day. Theirs seems to be a day for everything these days but this is one that really struck a chord with me.

Since the lockdown when everything was much simpler, life has sped up. I don’t know about you but it almost feels like it is back to how it was pre pandemic. It’s hard to remember what it was like all those months ago when we had to go so slow and we actually had time to stop smell the roses as they say.