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Why Go Wild Swimming?

As an avid open water swimmer for the past six years, I have yet to find anything that shifts you into an upbeat, energised frame of mind as much as a cold water swim does. There is never a time that I regret going in, even when I’ve broken ice to plunge or had to battle waves to dive in. (more…)


7 Daily Detox Tips You Need To Know

With the stress and strains of the modern world we can start feeling overwhelmed, our energy levels plummeting. However with daily attention we can keep our mind and body healthy, lifting our mood, feeling less tired and improving our immune system. Little daily shifts will create the bigger changes long term. Follow these simple detox tips and energise your day!




Why detox with yoga?









5 Top Tips To Beat Sugar Cravings

There is news everywhere on the internet about the government imposing sugar tax on sugary drinks. That’s all very well and good but will it really make the slightest of difference? I know that when I have had the worst cravings of my life in my Bulemic years it didn’t matter how much food cost I’d just buy it. The sugar was like a drug for me and we all know the lengths that addicts go to get their fix. They do anything to get those moments of bliss to escape the unhappiness of life.

For me I see that the problem runs far deeper than taxing sweet food. I believe to solve these obesity problems and get to the root cause, we have to look with in each and every individual. Why do we crave the sugar in the first place? We all know eating rubbish food makes us feel horrendous on all levels, so why do we continue to eat it? (more…)


3 ways to keep healthy & vital

Heres our 3 simple morning tips to keep you feeling healthy and vital….

How you start your day has a huge impact on how the rest of the day pans out. The first hour of the day is often referred to as the “golden hour”, in that it is a special part of the day when you can set the intention, mood and vibe for the day ahead. Over the years I have figured out what works for me in keeping my mind calm and my body healthy. There is nothing better than starting the day off with a spring in your step, whether its ready for a day in the office or a fun day out with family and friends, we need energy and we need a positive attitude to get the most out of life. Here are my 3 simples trips to get you on the way to achieving that.