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BAM – the best Bamboo clothing

We have loved the brand BAM for a very long time now. Having followed their journey which began over ten years ago in the garage of their founder David Gordon. We love their values of delivering high quality, comfortable clothing and all the while their production sees that everyone is treated fairly and responsibly. Basically I see them as a company that cares! (more…)


Jilla Active – Yoga Gear

Hearing about a new active wear yoga brand is so exciting. Receiving their beautifully packaged garments through the post is one thing, wearing them to teach and to carry out my own practise is another and to absolutely love them is the icing on the cake.

Jilla active are a British designed active wear company based in London. Olivia and Bridget head up the company and have been so kind to send us a selection of items that all look gorgeous and feel amazing. (more…)