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Personal Growth


Why Retreat?

I often wonder why do we need to retreat? Why bother taking time out for yourself? Is it just a way to while away a few days or is it far more important than that? It always fascinates me how every year, by law, we have to have our cars MOT’d: if they’re not road worthy we find the money to fix them to get them back on the road. But when it comes to ourselves, we don’t have mandatory MOT’s (which by the way I think we should) and we often keep running ourselves into the ground without stopping… (more…)


Learning emotional intelligence

How often do you share your feelings with those around you? Or how often do you suppress what you really feel for fear of how it will be received? Learning to express your emotions is a valuable part of being an evolved human being. We no longer need to roam the earth grunting at each other and clubbing each other around the head. We are intelligent beings and have developed intricate words to express in great detail how we feel. Its through this expression that our world becomes safe. It’s so important to put words to our emotions and then be able to convey them to those around us. (more…)


Listen to the Birds

In my twenties I used to work as a stewardess on yachts, sailing and crusing around the Caribbean and the Mediterranen. It sounds glamorous doesn’t it but it was actually one of the lowest times of my life. That aside, I remember crossing the Atlantic to Portugal which took about 14 days via the Azores, then flying home to wales to see family, finally coming back from sea after months of being away. (more…)


Bench, book, tea and sun

One of the challenges in our 28 day wellbeing calendar is to read. I used to think that having the time to pick up a book and actually read was a luxury. Something that I saved for a holiday, or Christmas time when work was quiet. I no longer see reading as a luxury, it’s a daily priority and part of my wellbeing.



February, the month of love

February, the month of love. Yes it is often associated with the romantic commercial type of love but for me this month is a beautiful reminder of my love for nature. I have often wondered where and when this love was sparked. I know that this love is vital to me and I have a huge appreciation for the seasons, as honouring them and learning from their overcharging flow has been a massive part of my healing journey.

I grew up on a farm, surrounded by beautiful hills here in Wales. We had the joy of living next to my grandparents and my grandfather Baba, was a farmer. I have fond memories of him and his sheepdogs working the land and the livestock.



Top Tips for Decluttering after the Festive Season

Christmas declutter

Finding space in your space – 10 tips for how to store your Christmas decorations

One of my favourite days in the year is the day we (I) take down Christmas decorations. Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas and making it special for the children is such a joy but I am really not a huge fan of all the stuff. Christmas and a more minimal way of life don’t really go together, so I do find having all the decorations up quite a challenge. Especially when the children want them up so early, I hold out until December but even then it seems a long time to have a large tree in you front room.



The Joy of the Winter Months


I was chatting with a friend the other day about the shift that we all take into Winter. She commented on how it had taken longer this year to get there, to that place of acceptance and joy of the Winter months.

I was relieved to hear this as I too have found this year’s winter transition a struggle.

I think the incredibly mild October we had was partly to blame and the last retreat we did mid-November was so warm and I remember thinking I wished I’d packed shorts! But thank goodness as we move into December it has now turned cold. 



5 Ways To Reduce Your Digital Distractions


Let’s face it, we all spend too much time on our phones. They beg for attention with notifications and pop-ups. All it takes is for your hand to drift towards your phone, and then minutes (or even hours!) later. you find that you’ve been doom scrolling through Tik Tok or, Instagram.

Research shows that excessive mobile phone use can have negative effects on our mental health. It can affect your sleeping habits, your social life, and lower your self-esteem. It’s time we all set boundaries!



The Importance of Rest


I don’t know about you, but the pressure that this time of year brings starts to fill me with dread. Why is there this need to book exciting events with the children, plan family outings, parties with colleagues, shopping days out with friends, hair appointments… the list goes on. It literally makes me want to run away and hide. Do you feel the same?

It’s almost as if our success and happiness is based on how busy we are and the navigation of the festive season seems to be the ultimate symbol of how well we are coping at life. (more…)


Reflection on the Lakes


I find his time of year to be such a contradiction. The season of Autumn shows us, quite literally, that it’s alright to let go. Nature’s energy starts to slow down and turn inward. So why is it then, that we look outwards with this idea of needing and wanting more? Halloween, Black Friday (week!) Christmas; all these events are designed to draw us towards feelings of lack and not being enough, so that we in turn spend more, buy more and do more. It’s those qualities that actually lead us to feel less than when we started and it culminates in us being on a never-ending quest in search of fulfilment. Nature is simple and steers her attention inward, so why don’t we look to the simple things?