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Zesty Summer Pea Soup


This delicious pea and mint soup is a big favourite with our guests.

Summer and its abundance of fresh produce is an opportunity to draw upon the foods that help cleanse our bodies at this time of year. This pea and mint soup is summer and vitality all wrapped up in one easy and delicious meal.

We serve this warming soup as part of our picnic lunch after a morning of wild swimming, it always goes down a treat!



Jubilee Summer Salad


As millions of families and friends will be coming together this bank holiday weekend to celebrate the Queenโ€™s Platinum Jubilee, we thought it would be wonderful to share this easy summer salad with you, so you can recreate it at home.



Cacao Superballs

These delicious raw treats are perfect for afternoon tea or a healthier alternative for dessert. However you enjoy these Cacao Superballs is up to you – we love to pair them with a cup of freshly brewed peppermint tea! Enjoy this easy no-bake recipe for yourself.


Vegan Spiced Banana Cake

This scrumptious recipe will definitely satisfy every sweet tooth in the house over the Easter break! Our fabulous retreat chef Catherine has lovingly shared her recipe with The Zest Life community to enjoy!


Revitalising Green Juice


This refreshing homemade green juice is simple, healthy, and jam-packed with nutrition, making it all the more delicious!


Apple Rooibos tea


Here’s a retreat favourite that’s a flavorful, caffeine-free alternative to black and green tea and deliciously simple to make!


Healthy Winter Porridge


There’s nothing quite like a bowl of warming porridge to set you up for the day ahead in these wintery months. At The Zest Life, we like to add some simple toppings to make our porridge even more tasty and nutritious!


Thai Spiced Squash & Sweetcorn Soup recipe

Enjoy a hearty bowl of this delicious soup which is rich, creamy (without the cream), easy to make and bursting with colour and flavours!


Healthy Flapjack Recipe

Sweet tooths beware, this recipe is not only simple to make but deliciously moreish! Retreat chef Catherine of Wildings Vegan Kitchen has shared her healthy flapjacks that still use a touch of butter and a bit of syrup but most of the sweetness comes from the banana… it’s practically guilt-free!



Wild Garlic Pesto

Spring is the perfect time to forage for this highly nutritious plant native to Britain. With its fresh, garlicky smell wild garlic is likely found growing in abundance in shady woodland environments near you. With blood-purifying properties, it is also thought to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Enjoy whipping up this simple yet delicious recipe shared by our fabulous retreat chef Catherine from Wildings Vegan Kitchen. We refer to The Woodland Trust for information on how to identify & sustainable source this edible plant. (more…)