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5 yoga poses for Autumn


This time of year, as we shift from the brightness of Summer to the softness of Autumn (today marks the start of Autumn with the equinox) it is important to take the time to check in and start slowing down both in our yoga practise and life. The earths’ energy is closing in, and our energy does the same. So the fact that we feel less inclined to throw ourselves around on the mat for hours on end is perfectly normally. Follow these five simple yoga poses to ease and flow through this beautiful transition time of year.

photo credit: Cathy Ibbotson


yoga to boost immunity

Zest-Philosophy-balanceZestlifeAt this time of year, when I find myself all of a sudden in the depths of Autumn, I really begin to appreciating the immune boosting qualities that yoga has to offer. Yoga is a wonderful system that can keep us fit and healthy as we transition into the colder months.

With the colder weather or nasal linings become thinner making us more susceptible to infection. Through our yoga practise we can boost our bodies immunity so that is able to cope with the onslaught of bacteria and viruses that come with this time of year. There are four systems in the body that yoga postures focus on keeping us fit and healthy.