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Refreshing summer water flavours

Here at the Zest Life we love naturally flavoured waters. They are becoming very popular as a healthy alternative to other more sugary drinks and juices. We use them on our retreats as they are not only refreshing but also offer a variety of health benefits. They are made by infusing water with fresh fruits and herbs, and sometimes even spices. The provide a burst of flavour without added calories or chemicals. Whether you’re looking to stay hydrated, improve digestion, or simply enjoy a tastier beverage, naturally flavoured water is a delicious addition to your daily routine.

Here are refreshing summer water flavours to try

Lemon balm and lavender

The delicate floral fragrance of the lavender is balanced by the mild lemony flavour with a hint of mint. Both calming and refreshing, it has a clean flavour without an overpowering after taste.

Thyme and strawberry

This pairing combines sweet fruitiness of ripe strawberries with the earthy aromatic notes of fresh thyme. A harmonious balance that is both refreshing and sophisticated.

Orange, nectarine and basil

Zesty orange, succulent nectarine with the fresh herby notes from the basil. This infusion is a delightful citrus medley reminiscent of warm sunny days.

Blueberry and lemon verbena

This is a lovely flavour blend of fruity and citrusy. The blueberries give a rich juicy flavour which is complemented by the lemon herbal undertones of the lemon verbena.

Mint, melon and lime

Anything with mint instantly reawakens the senses! We love this clever combo of vibrant lime, melon, with it’s mild honey floral flavours, and invigorating fresh mint.


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