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BAM – the best Bamboo clothing

We have loved the brand BAM for a very long time now. Having followed their journey which began over ten years ago in the garage of their founder David Gordon. We love their values of delivering high quality, comfortable clothing and all the while their production sees that everyone is treated fairly and responsibly. Basically I see them as a company that cares!

The natural product Bamboo is awesome for clothing. If you haven’t tried it yet you are in for a treat.

It keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter.
It’s antibacterial so your clothes don’t smell even on the smelly days.
It offers great UV protection.
It’s kind to skin which makes it really nice for anyone with skin issues and irritations.
The bamboo plant is super quick to grow too so it doesn’t need a tonne of pesticides or fertilisers, which equals a happy planet!
And most importantly it is so soft. It’s like cashmere that you can wear to train in!

What we are wearing:
Serenity Top in Magenta Marl
Bamboo Classic Vest in Indian Ink
Cropped leggings in Charcoal Marl
Yogi Pants in Fig (Pictured left)

What the boys are wearing:
Bamboo Luxe T shirt
Bamboo Athletic shorts Indian ink





All of our staff were very kindly given a whole outfit by BAM. What we loved most was that all of the items could be worn both on and off the mat. On those days when you feel so busy and rushed and you might not practise because you haven’t got the right gear on or you haven’t got time to change, there will be no more excuses when you have BAM clothes. It’s on those busy days that you can wear BAM from start to end . You will look good, you will feel great, therefore you will be inclined to move, whether its walk, run, hike or get on the mat for yoga. You will be able to jump on the mat inbetween tidying the house and picking the kids up from school, even if its just five minutes, it can be done. I’d like to say BAM clothes make life easier! You might not be able to wear these lovely clothes if you have an office job, mind you their classic vests make for great layering under a smart top maybe. But for a busy mum these clothes are a god send. They they wash well, don’t need ironing, they can be worn straight from a crumbled heap in the corner of the room and still look great. I wear all of these items to teach in and for my own personal practise too. What I love most though, is after a long day, taking a hot bath, then slipping into the soft yogi pants, with their kind double waistband and putting on the gorgeously soft Wanderer top with its long length that covers everything up. It’s in that moment I feel like my clothes are giving me a very welcome hug!

BAM have kindly teamed up with us to offer you our Zest Life clients a discount of 15%. So go to, get buying and get your clothes hug today! DISCOUNT CODE – ZEST15

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