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Celebrating all women!

International Women’s Day and Mothers Day all in one week. That calls for a newsletter that celebrates all women!

Whether you are a mother or not, have founded a company or not, celebrate today for simply being you; a beautiful woman, walking this earth, with so much to share and so much to feel.

I don’t know about you but does it seems like we are regularly made to feel that we need more of everything to be happy?

More time, more defined abs, more money, more clothes, more likes, more sleep, more plant powered supplements…

Do you also have that quiet yet nagging voice within that tells you

~ I need to be busier to feel more successful
~ I need to fill every minute of every day to feel it’s been a “good day”
~ I cannot possibly slow down
~ The imposter syndrome I feel is valid
~ I don’t deserve to shine brightly?

I do. So I think it’s about time we change that narrative, even just for one day, and that day is today. If we are talk of having a great day, in my eyes a great day is a day where I have had the luxury of spending it fully aware and conscious.

It’s a day where I have created balance between work and play, time to self and time with loved ones that need me.

It’s a day where I have noticed that I am multi tasking unsuccessfully and where I have closed my laptop to listen to my child tell me a story that is so important to them.

It’s a day where I have allowed myself to be seen and heard, not just by others but by myself too.

It’s a day where I have listened to the feedback my body has given me and not exercised because my back was out.

It’s a day where I have felt so angry inside with stress from the constant noise of children bickering that I have taken myself off and sat in their Wendy house, until the red feeling turned to orange, turned to yellow and I could re-enter the situation calmer and more composed.

It’s a day where I have felt a lack connection and grounding and headed out for a much needed walk in nature with a few minutes of quiet time sitting upon a hilltop.

It’s all a constant, sometimes exhausting balancing act. But let’s take comfort in the knowing that we are all in this messy, yet wonderful life together. Anyone who says their life is perfect is talking B*** S***. Don’t even try to strive for the prefect existence, it will leave you tired and unfulfilled. I suggest striving for peace and contentment, and tasting the sweet joy that is finding bliss in the simple moments….. The first sip of coffee!

Take this day to celebrate you and all your perfect imperfections! Love yourself enough to move your body through exercise, love yourself enough to cook a nutritious, satisfying meal, love yourself enough to carve out time just for you, love yourself enough to book that retreat that you’ve been admiring for years, love yourself enough to do absolutely nothing if that is what your body is calling you to do.


with love from Laura x


Laura’s 3 Favourite Female Founded Brands at the moment…

Deakin and Blue – Beautiful swim wear, helping to celebrate every shape of woman.
Wild Fawn – Divine ethical and sustainable jewellery makers, with an all women team.
Trinny Woodall – Inspiring the older woman that it’s never to late to start a business.



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