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Bench, book, tea and sun

One of the challenges in our 28 day wellbeing calendar is to read. I used to think that having the time to pick up a book and actually read was a luxury. Something that I saved for a holiday, or Christmas time when work was quiet. I no longer see reading as a luxury, it’s a daily priority and part of my wellbeing.

I love to read. Each and every day I ring fence time in bed to read, even if it’s just a few minutes before sleep. I read actual books, not on kindle or I pad and I don’t listen to them on audio either. I like how the book feels and smells and it’s heaviness in my hands as I start to tire, and the words almost blurring before I drift off.

Another favourite place to read is outside in the garden. In the spring and summer I set my alarm half and hour earlier to enjoy this still time of the day in the garden. Keeping another book down stairs offers me the opportunity, when the children are quiet and my cup of tea is still warm to sneak outside finding a relaxing chair to curl up in. I might only manage a couple of pages before I am found or needed but still I can say “I read my book in the garden today’.

The other day I was driving though a village near me, where there are some small bungalows right on the roadside. They don’t really have gardens, they simply have a communal grass area infront of their house with a low fence around to divide them from the road. They are open and exposed and really in my eyes the last place you would want to sit out. But anyway I couldn’t help but notice one owner had put a little bench there. She had it angled towards the morning sun was sitting with a cup of tea, her face turned to the sun and yes, a book. It was cool out but the sun was bright and I had such a warm smile cross my face as I thought of her enjoying that simple pleasure of bench, book, tea and sun.

We often feel that our lives are not enough and it’s only when we achieve or get certain things that we can then start being happy. “ When I get my summer garden furniture and have my patio paved and everything looks Instagram worthy then I can sit out and read and have cups of tea.” What I am saying is, is that day may never come, the only time we have is this moment, here and now. So do not put off to tomorrow what you can start enjoying today. Today is a gift, and you might not be here tomorrow.

So as your precious days become brighter, find an outside space public or private, regardless of where you live or what state your garden is in, find some where you can sit. Then take a book and a drink of choice and enjoy five minutes of peace with your face to the sun. Life is made up of all the tiny moments and how you show up to each of those dictates the entire course of your life. Let that course be bright, nourished and positive.

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