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Why detox with yoga?








  • A yogic Detox stimulates the body’s own powerful waste disposal mechanisms – throughout the digestive system but also the skin, lungs, liver, kidneys, endocrine and lymphatic systems.


  • Yoga creates a deeper awareness of what the body actually needs thus influencing more mindful choices of not only cleaner foods but also a more balanced lifestyle and chosen environment.


  • Letting go of physical and emotional tension is as important a part of a Detoxing as clearing physical waste. Yoga recognises the importance of eliminating “dis-ease” to bring the body and mind back into balance and optimum health.


  • Kriyas(cleansing practices)  and breathing practices(Pranayama) stimulate deeper more effective respiration & circulation.
  • Asana (Postures) – a carefully sequenced flow of Asana will create deep stretching and/or compression to first “wring out” tissue releasing cellular waste products.  As the stretch is released muscles, nerves and organs are flushed and recharged with freshly oxygenated blood and nutrients, energising & rejuvenating the body.


  • Asana also have the effect of releasing physical tensions that are the result of emotional stress thus helping us to re-pattern poor movement habits leading to less stress on the body, better posture and deeper breathing.


  • Use of Mudra and breathing practices work directly on calming the parasympathetic nervous system which in turn can help slow the heart rate, increase intestinal and glandular activity and help deal with the stresses and strains of life.)


Author : Claire Riley, yoga teacher and lover of all things to do with healthy living.

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