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IMG_7891This recipe has a little story… it was given to me by my friend’s sister. Her family home was always a joy to visit. She had two young children and the kitchen was a constant hive of activity. Glueing and sticking craft sessions going on one minute, to baking cakes the next, before turning everything around to create lunches that seemed to appear out of nowhere. Breakfast was no different. An array of delights would be laid out, from yoghurts, to fruit, criossant and toasts. This granola in all its glory, full of apricots, coconut, nuts and seeds, was always present.

When making, eating or serving this granola I will always be reminded of those fond times spent with my friends family. It is so much more than just a recipe for me. I now serve it as part of breakfast on my retreat weekends where it it goes down a storm. I hope you enjoy it on lazy weekends with families, just as much as I did and continue to do.


1/3 Cup Olive Oil

2 Cups Honey

1/3 Cup Soft Brown Sugar

4 Cups Porridge Oats

4 Cups Rice Krispies

2 Cups Pine Kernels

1 Cup Dired Apricots – chopped

2 Cups Raisins

1 Cup Dried Prunes – chopped

1 Cup Desicated Coconut

2 Cups Flaked Almonds

1 Cup Sesame Seeds



IMG_7869Zestlife1. Bring oil, honey and sugar to the boil in a pan and then simmer for 5 minutes. Remove from the heat and leave to cool.

2. Pour the liquid over the dry ingredients, stirring it all up and voila, delicious granola ready to go.

3. Best served with yoghurt and fresh fruit. I have used a sprinkling of fresh elderberries for this recipe. I think it is always good to use what is in season.

4. Store in air tight container for up to a month.



About the Author

Laura Bell is a yoga teacher in North Wales, UK and has been practising yoga for ten years. She is the founder of a company called The Zest Life, where the philosophy is about discovering ways to help you find and feel your zest for life. Throughout the year she runs yoga classes, themed workshops and lifestyle retreats at beautiful locations in Wales. Find her on Facebook and Twitter and stay connected to living the zest life.


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