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Green Smoothie

With health (and delicious flavour) in mind enjoy a Green Smoothie Recipe by our amazing retreat chef Catherine from Wildings Vegan Kitchen.


(adjust the portion sizes to your liking and loved ones you’re sharing it with)

1 lemon
1 orange
1 banana  (use a frozen one if you’d like a thicker consistency)
2 tbsp of chia seeds
1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon
A handful of kale (minus the stalk)
A heaped spoon of spirulina powder or any greens or superfood powder you may have in the pantry


Peel the lemon and orange lightly, leaving as much of the white underside of the rind as possible. Blend above ingredients until the mixture is of a smooth and pleasing consistency. For a thicker smoothie add 2/3 ice cubes in before blending. Pour directly into a glass or jug and enjoy!

Enjoy, guilt-free!

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