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Jilla Active – Yoga Gear

Hearing about a new active wear yoga brand is so exciting. Receiving their beautifully packaged garments through the post is one thing, wearing them to teach and to carry out my own practise is another and to absolutely love them is the icing on the cake.

Jilla active are a British designed active wear company based in London. Olivia and Bridget head up the company and have been so kind to send us a selection of items that all look gorgeous and feel amazing.They use a lot of Bamboo in the garments making them so soft and so comfortable to wear. They also always use a really lovely soft and calming colour pallette, which comes across as very classy, grown up and sophisticated.










What’s different about them?

The first thing that comes to mind is the detail. You know how some items of clothing you buy you might think “ I wish they had put that there, or made this bigger of that smaller”. Well these experienced designers have thought of all of that for you and done it. I cannot fault any of the items that were sent.

Since being pregnant, having my son Freddie just over 10 months ago and not really training properly, certain body parts had begun to sag! I felt so untoned and my butt wasn’t what it used to be! I went to teach one evening, putting on my usual leggings and was disappointed with the reflection. I felt unsupported and all a bit wobbly to be honest. I then however put on a pair of Jilla active “Be a wild thing Capri” and everything got sucked and tucked in all the right places. I was so amazed and pleased with how they felt, they were supportive and uplifting with out being tight or restrictive which is so important when you want to be comfy and relaxed on the mat. They helped me to feel more confident in my looks and my body. I know confidence should come from within and it doesn’t matter what you look like but sometimes we need a little helping hand and these clothes certainly helped me.

Items we have tried, tested and loved.

Drift Away Vest

Be in the Moment Bamboo Tank

Wanderer Bamboo Top

Be a wild thing Capri

Limitless Tight

Be in the moment Legging




The only thing I would say is the leggings seemed quite small, I exchanged them for a Large, even though I am a 10/12. Jilla have kindly teamed up with us to offer you, our Zest Life clients a discount of 15%. So go to, get buying and get happy!


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