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Listen to the Birds

In my twenties I used to work as a stewardess on yachts, sailing and crusing around the Caribbean and the Mediterranen. It sounds glamorous doesn’t it but it was actually one of the lowest times of my life. That aside, I remember crossing the Atlantic to Portugal which took about 14 days via the Azores, then flying home to wales to see family, finally coming back from sea after months of being away.

I will never forget the first morning I woke up on my return, I was at my parents farm here in Wales, it was Spring time and I had the window open a jar and all I could hear as I stirred from my slumber was the sound of the sweetest bird song. I was transfixed, lying their listening to this sing song, a sound that I had not heard or paid attention to for weeks maybe even months. Gosh it was incredible. You don’t hear birds when you are out at sea, waves lapping and the odd sea gull yes, but no excited chirping from garden birds in Spring.

I now always play close attention to the sound of the birds. When I walk with my children and they are getting bit rambunctious I find myself saying “Ohh what’s that sound, listen” and they do generally slow down. We stop to listen and we then look for the birds. If you listen carefully enough the birds tell you exactly what is going on in nature. Spring is here and oh they sound so busy at the moment, it’s like they are calling each other in to get going.

Taking time out to notice and listen to the world around you is such a great skill to develop. Being curious to sounds is a form of mindfulness and an opportunity to drop spright into the present moment. Whether the sounds are pleasant or unpleasant, near or far, tune into them for a minute. It works for kids and it works for us adults too. Listening to the birds and their sweet song at this time of the year will be music to your ears, and this in turn will reduce your stress levels and create a greater sense of peace and clarity for you.

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