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Goddess Powerfood Salad

1455166_10152305339926436_6201080336838635357_nZestlifeThere are so many amazingly wonderful ingredients that I couldn’t pick one for the name of the salad, which is why I have chosen the name ‘The Goddess Powerfood Salad’, which sums up this salad just perfectly. On purchasing a spiralizer i have been inspired to create a number of wholesome salads that quite simply make you go ‘mmmmm’. One friend said ‘this is one fit salad’. It’s a winner. It’s very light yet filling and it puts a smile on peoples faces when you tell them they are eating raw courgette not spaghetti. Fuel your body with goodness, feel light, fit and free with our favourite salad.


pinto & red kidney bean chilli

There is something so very comforting about a chilli, especially on late summer evenings when Autumn is on the horizon and we start to look for comfort where ever we can. I love all the extras that go with a chilli, the guacamole ( you can never have enough guacamole), the cheese, the natural yoghurt…. Every mouthful a differnt delight for the taste buds.

sesame seed spirulina balls

10368186_697096003713180_6572824129104377047_nZestlifeI first made these balls on our dive into yoga retreat, where we spent most of the weekend wild swimming in beautiful lakes of north wales. I was looking for a quick energising snack to sustain us when we came out of the water, tired and hungry. These were perfect. Neither sweet nor savoury. Ideal with a hot herbal tea. (more…)


Banana & Apple Cookies

10459147_658322620923852_7454100450128375764_nZestlifeWe love these cookies here at the zest life. We made them for our latest retreat “Yoga Rocks” where we hiked up Snowdon. It was these cookies that gave us the energy to get up to the summit. (more…)


black bean dip

10155126_622895731133208_1032836193189084873_nZestlifeWe found this recipe in a great newspaper supplement, its taken from “Light Bites and Tasty Treats” by Jenna Zoe. Black beans are crammed with antioxidants and are a great source of fibre an protein, so its now wonder we love this dip so much. It makes a welcome change from humous too. Dip some slices of red pepper or brocolli florets for a well rounded snack. Or spread onto a wholegrain wrap and top with filling of your choice. (more…)

courgette, rocket & feta slice

1424411_622313984524716_7936400009881313567_nZestlifeWe think this tasty cheese slice is a cross between a quiche without the pastry and a  fancy omlette. We are always looking for healthy treats for when we head out in the hills, either walking or out on the bikes. The snacks need to be energizing, protein rich and also able to withstand being squashed in a ruck sack too. These slices are a winner for this. They also make for a delicious savoury breakfast brunch, or serve with a large green salad and crusty bread for a lunch to share with friends. (more…)

nettle soup

1507585_622895111133270_2494642329717811996_nZestlifeSpring is a wonderful time of year to get out foraging the hedgerows. The vibrant growth of young nettles is hard to ignore, and it really is about making the most of these spring greens whilst they are abundant. Because as far as I know Tescos do not sell nettles! So harvest away as much as possible and enjoy the cleansing effects of this spring soup. When there is a chill in the air it makes for perfect spring lunch. Coming in from the garden and tucking into this soup with a hunk of soda bread is heaven. (more…)


Raw Oat & Nut Butter Balls


We make these balls all the time here at The Zest Life and serve them on our retreats for our afternoon snack. They go down a storm. They make the perfect healthy, nutritious snack and are so easy to make. They are small but mighty, you only need one to give you that energy boost. (more…)


wild garlic pesto

wild garlic pestoZestlifeRamsons other wise known as Wild Garlic make the most quirky flavoured pesto. We started created this recipe last year after learning more and more about foraging and eating from the wild. The leaves start to appear around mid March and the flowers a few weeks following. Make sure you are confident at identifying the plant, (mind you the smell is so strong you can’t miss them), then once you’ve located a patch get harvesting and cooking.


pea and mint soup

pea and mint Spring is in the air and its time to draw upon the foods and recipes that help cleanse our bodies at this time of year.  A great friend and fellow yogi Tara Copp Barton shared this great recipe with us. This pea and mint soup, is spring and vitality all wrapped up in one easy and delicious meal. We serve it as a light lunch on our spring sensation retreats, it always goes down a treat.